I found a piece of property that no one else wanted. (~10 Ac.) It had set in a dormant estate account for 30+ years. Purchased it in ’89 for 2K. Found it through a realtor that was working for a bank to tie up loose ends. It was even land locked! (No access to road frontage) I worked with a neighbor to purchase a strip of land to make things legal. That 1/3 Ac. plus survey/paperwork cost more than the 10 Ac… lol

Since then, I converted something that was totally worthless into 960 Sq. Ft. of heaven, totally solar powered, no well, (Collect cloud juice) No septic, (Composting system) Almost totally self sufficient! Wood heat and propane fridges/cook stove. (Could survive without the propane if needed)

There’s more off-grid folks in Pa. than you know. I’m aware of several through other forums. Some take advantage of the mountain streams for power..

I’m in Ohio so I’m not too far away. Plan for a road trip! See a real off-grid situation..