I am amazed I am fortunate to come to the right page on this computer to read these words!

We have a lot in common!

I have figured around 40k each and I think atleast four people might be able to accomplish this…

A life of no rent ever, yet a house. A life of free electricity forever, with no bills,… Your Job: To help to tend and create and allow to thrive a Large, Beautiful, Abundant, Diverse Permaculture Food Forest. Once established , it is said to be year round abundant with low maintenance, and the diet is supreme for health as all natural organic and diverse, one day you are eating nuts, next day you find youself amongst raspberries, the next you find an underground forest of giant mushrooms etc ^^

Plus, you have the freedom to grow and sell various valuable crops including: Tobacco, weed, Healing herbs of all kinds and teas Cx

The forest will have to be done expertly and be a shining example of a functioning permaculture food forest to work well…

I need to save for atleast three years to make 40k. Then I have to find the people that will do it with me, then we must find this sacred spot on the earth which is the right canvas for our painting

So what do you think? Peoples!? Peoples?! What do you think of this concept here? :s *eagerly awaits reply