I think Jen asks one of the most important questions and one that everyone with the desire to go off the grid would like answered. in my previous post I mention to Jen “having the right man for the job”, but for everyone and anyone with the desire it is about having the right Partner. I wasn’t saying that Jen needed a man because a woman can’t go off the grid but rather that she needed a partner. the very same is true for me, I have the desire to go off the grid and feel I am well capable of living a simple trouble-free happy off-grid lifestyle, but I don’t have the desire to go it alone. Finding a partner is a daunting task for a lot of people that are swimming right in the middle of the stream and for me it seems an impossibility for me to find her out in the middle of the wilderness picking berries, unless some mamma bear wants to adopt me, LOL.

I wonder when people post on Land Buddy (or here in the forum) if they find what they are looking for. I see an initial post, a few comments, and then the line goes quiet. the forums here are quiet too. did they find what they were looking for? or just get over some angst about the stack of bills coming due and go back to the grind never to return here?