I know the mosquito truck just went by but try to slow down and take a breath. you are not short on thought or planning and going off-grid from where you currently are seems like just a small step to take. I’m going to be forward and going to say for you that “<span class=”bbp-breadcrumb-current”>How to turn “wanting” into “doing”?</span>” is getting the right man for the job. I feel like I am ready to leap off the grid, but I don’t have the right woman for the adventure. I know that once I go “out there” i’ll be alone for ever. So, I’m not out there off the grid, I’m in here in search of. Most, or a lot of “participators” find off-grid.net, the watering hole in the desert, in hopes of finding someone and others to walk off the grid with. I’m not making any suggestions, a woman with your gusto shouldn’t have any problems.

in recent years a host of genre dating sites have sprung up on the internet; they are not for me, but wouldn’t it be nice to know the person you might be interested in, is on the same page and is not going to look at you like you’re crazy and walk off?

btw, in about your second or third sentence you mention permaculture. permaculture [the philosophy] when practiced dramatically reduces the amount of labor to be self sufficient and off-grid. it also eliminates chemical pesticides and fertilizers so put it high on your list. for me being off-grid also means being hand in hand with nature.

and maybe badger1972 is right and someday never comes, but I hope for both of us (and all the rest in search) that our partner does.