I go by “D”, short and sweet. I’m new here at off-grid and searching like everyone else. I see some really good ideas on here and some thoughts that are as good as gold and shouldn’t be passed up. we feel lonely because we are outside the main current where most people reside making it difficult to find others with similar beliefs and desires. I feel privileged to be able to add to this conversation a couple of thoughts of my own that I find helpful.

It is immensely difficult but as immensely important to not be critical of others. I used to be expressly critical of people’s driving, for example, but I do not believe anyone gets up in the morning, pours a cup of coffee, and says they want to go be maimed and killed on the highway on the way to work, even though this may happen everyday. understanding the stress that people are living with can cause people to not be thinking or make poor decisions. being critical of others will make your on life discouraging.

the second thing that I have found helpful was to simplify my life as much as possible. the television was first to go, nothing but a negative beat-down on both the conscious and subconscious. my diet and lifestyle were next, eliminating as much stuff as possible and only taking in what was necessary.

another thing is to do what you can where you are at the moment that you can feel good about. growing plants, even a potted plant by the window. make it an herb or something edible, but make it a symbiotic relationship, not a grow it kill it eat but something you nurture and in return you prune a few leaves for tea. pets help too. if you can’t have a cute furry friend where you are look for an alternative. just make sure you don’t neglect it. care for it and nurture it and you will feel loved for it.

and if all else fails, pack a backpack, leave everything else behind and go explore the world and discover its mighty wonders and live life.