Cheers, indeed we are capable of creating very beautiful things with our own freedom to paint the canvas… Ofcourse it would seem I am at the bottom the mountain… Its peak only scarcely appearing behind parted clouds. I see people digging into the mountain at our side, hoping to find peace of mind yet this is what needs to happen. We must keep climbing with the breaths of this lifetime for then our future ancestors will lift off the peak and roam the stars. We need to band together with a set up that will require some vast planning behind its simple appearance. I have my goal. It is set. I must save over the hills of time to pave my way upto this mountain’s peak if I am to truely survive. Lucky for me, I needednt much climbing actually., most of the work will be when I get there, building from the foundations of its potentiality! 2000 days is its max. 1000 is my minimum. Of course, having two days off for every five. Putting away 200 dollers per week within 3 years I will have 40,000 and if it was 6 i could get 100,000. However, So I have worked, 1000 days (40,000 dollers @ 200 per week) of savings is enough for me with room for food while the gardens are being crafted. That is: 12-20k for half an acre each (this land will have to be special and inclusive of a dammable mountain stream of permanent nature, around half an acre each being quarter for food,quarter for trade/barter, C: I plan to sell tobacco, in a free world, we could also trade marijuana for milk, steak, luxuries we cannot attain through our hopefully vast forest of diversity!?) 5000 for clumps of charging deep cycle marine batteries that should be able to cycle enough electricity between four, 500 for materials to build enough water wheels for them to be plenty for four (this price can be lowered), perhaps 1000 per person for two or maybie three permanent magnet alternators per person ( this generates the electricity at each wheel) 12-20k for a house for yourself depending how good you want to make it, 15k is plenty for a what they call a mini house for one or two; 5000 for food perhaps while setting up your garden/forest, and 600 perhaps to begin with for the gardens?  Hmm so we are looking at a total cost per person of around *drum solo*perhaps, perchance