Hello new here, Im not single woman though, I really like your idea, I had the same idea but yours got my ball rolling of like minded people getting together, with everyone helping and teaching each other to live off-grid, growing our own food and raising some livestock, its hard to do alone, but its being done, inspired by sylvia’s post from 2013 living off-grid doing it on her own after husband passed away, my condolences to Sylvia and her family. Im researching and looking to buy 30 to 60 acres in the south eastern part of the U.S. where theres plenty of water, at this time anyway lol. The way the economy is right now its hard for people to transition over to off-grid and living off the land, tools and equipment needed for building, farming and maintaining equipment, even just buying land is hard enough then building is another story you might have enough for one but not the other, I am going to buy land regardless, anyone thats interested and I mean anyone, young, old, single, married, families that believe in humanity and respecting nature, that want to be part of a small community that helps protects each other, contact me, I am a mechanic, welder, plumber, electrician and carpenter, I will share/teach anyone anything I know and i’m always open to learning new things. Dan