Hi Kyle,

Sorry for the late reply, been away for a bit, but now I’m catching up

You sound like someone who could really make a good go at living off-grid, I don’t know how your finances are but you seem to have some skills, I would suggest getting your own property, as you have discovered, relying on someone else can be problematic, if your name is on the title, then it’s yours and you don’t have to worry about things falling apart.

If you don’t have the money now, perhaps you could work toward getting some funds, work work work, save save save and be on the lookout for the kind of place you wish to live. There is a lot to consider, what kind of place are you looking for? The properties with “issues” are cheaper to get, my property had access issues, it turned out to be a good thing for us and made the property really inexpensive to get.

Can’t wait to hear what else you have lined up :)