Thanks jengr, easy? Well maybe parts of it were easy, I think it was more a case of wanting to do it so badly that going through the “rough” parts wasn’t an issue for me/us. And we did live pretty rough, the first little bit we lived in a partially completed “box”, 2 of the 4 walls were builder’s plastic and wire, there wasn’t a proper roof, we had no water, no heat (it was December and it was getting down in the teens overnight), I had no plumbing, kitchen or otherwise, most everyone I knew said they couldn’t/wouldn’t live that way, but for me it was Heaven. We eventually got all all of the things done that made life easier. You can learn more about our beginnings here, click back to the beginning.
This link takes you back to the beginning of my posts here.Anyhoo, you can read about how we got started, scroll down to the bottom of each set of posts (not the individual posts) and hit “newer entries” to go to the next page, most of he older posts were imported from my personal blog.

It’s really good that you have access to land with few restrictions, you might want to confirm that before deciding on a property though, unless you know FOR SURE, I grew up in a town near Fort Worth and had always “heard” how things were but honestly things change and people’s chatter isn’t always accurate.

Hope you are able to sell your place and get what you want.