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The battery is now in place. Was able to hook it up without having to go to town, make an order, or borrow anything. At this moment, it’s not hooked up to the charge controller, it’s only hooked up to the 12-volt water pump and a couple of 12-volt lights over my sink. The battery came fully charged and it’s still mostly full even though we have used it for several days now. Eventually, we will need to hook it up to a charging source, everything is already in place it’s just a matter of doing it.

I plan on ordering another matching battery in December, that will give us a full 200AH setup for the SkyCastle system. I haven’t mentioned yet that we have names for each separate solar system, the one in/on the house is called the SkyCastle, one outside all by itself is called the Island, and the last one is in/on a garage of sorts, we call that one the Tower of Power. We did that so that if we were discussing a particular solar system, we could call it by name and know which one we were talking about. The Bluetooth battery monitors on each system are also named in the app so that it’s easy to tell which is which.