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I finally got my battery today, can you tell I’m a little excited??? I went to town, a trip of around 22 miles one way, on my way out of my neighborhood (that takes around 6ish miles) I passed the FedEx truck going in, if it hadn’t been for the fact that I really couldn’t turn around on the main ranch road where I was driving, I might have gone back to get my battery LOL.

It was waiting for me when I eventually got home from town. I was able to put the battery AND all of my groceries in a Radio Flyer red wagon and haul it across the bridge and up the hill to the SkyCastle. It is now sitting on my porch, turns out I need to buy a few more things before I can hook it up, specifically some new wire and connectors. That probably means another Amazon order, unless my BIL next door has some spare wire and connectors that are suitable. I’ll find out later.