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Waiting on the battery to get here, I’m trying hard to understand the seemingly new way Amazon shows their shipping, I’ve noticed that the last few months, Amazon will show something has shipped (meaning the carrier UPS or FedEx) has picked up the package, but when I actually click on the carrier’s site, it says a label has been created but they don’t actually have the package yet… I tend to believe the carrier since they ultimately know (hopefully) what they have and what they don’t. I just wish the shipping info was more accurate. Anyhoo, enough whining, I’m very excited to receive my battery.

The deep cycle golf cart batteries that I’m replacing are barely holding up, I can’t remember how old they are, I know they are pretty old though, I’m thinking we took them out of use and brought them back, somewhat rehabbing them to work just for the lights over the sink and the water pump, I am grateful they held up this long, but I’ll be glad to retire them permanently.