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Nice little package

Imagine this. In the future, you get in from a long, hard day. You open fridge a take out a slab of pasta and pop it into the microwave. Soon it goes ping, and you happily enjoy it with a nice glass of wine. If that doesn’t seem remotely high tech; think about that scenario again. What’s missing from that equation is the guilt inducing mass of packaging a ready meal normally produces. That’s because if WRAP, the Waste & Resources Action Program have their way, soon that packaging will be a thing of the past. And as they have just received 8 million from the government with the aim of reducing household waste by 310,000 tonnes by March 2006, it might happen sooner that you think.

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Pod Life

Off-Grid loves any excuse to kick back and enjoy the view, and design team The Collaborators have made it possible to do that just about anywhere. Their Pods come in all shapes and sizes, and they allow you to create your own space and relax, wherever you can find a place to hang your pod.

Lover's pod
Life’s a Pod

Transported in its own flat carrying case and coined “The seat to watch the apocalypse by”, all you have to do is find a nice tree or girder and swing whenever you feel inspired.

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Fund your Off-grid dreams with OPM (other people’s money)

Wouldn’t it be lovely if someone offered you between 400 to 5000 to cut your bills, help the environment and get off-grid?

Following the success of the Clear Skies scheme, aimed to provide householders and communities with grants and advice to help reduce the amount of fossil fuels used and realize the benefits of renewable energy, the Department of Trade and Industry(DTI) has announced additional funding of  2.5m, and extended the scheme until March 2006.

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Big ideas on the move

Gaining access to off-grid and green energy ideas couldn’t get any easier; the Green Energy Machine (GEM), from the National Energy Foundation will come to you. Designed to raise awareness through schools, fairs and exhibitions, it carries information and demonstrations on key renewable energy concepts. As well as carrying on board a wind turbine, wood burning stove, solar devices including solar bike and fountain, you can get free impartial advice on renewable energy sources. If you think you have an event, know a school that could benefit from a visit or just want to see it action call +44 (0)1908 665555 or visit

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Sweden leads the Bioenergy way…

World Bioenergy 2006, Conference & Exhibition for Energy, J?nk?ping, Sweden
30 May – 1 June 2006

Those looking for a green solution to the fossil fuel crisis should turn their attention to the rapidly growing field of Biomass. Biomass includes all renewable vegetable and animal matters that can be used for industrial (fiber, chemicals) or energy production (heat, electricity, fuel) and is the focus of the World Bio-energy conference to be held in Sweden in 2006.

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Necessity is the Mother of Invention in India

By C.R.Bhattacharjee, 21/10/04

What happens when being off-grid is a necessity and not an option? India has nearly 25000 villages, located in islands or remote areas distant from habitation, where power from grid lines is not techno-commercially feasible. These villages, where population generally varies between 100-1000 are usually inhabited by financially weaker sections of society whose inability to pay for cost of power is a key factor. Their demand for power is primarily for lights to replace kerosene followed by small requirement for water supply.

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