January 8, 2024


Media Alert : Scottish Power Poised to Waste £5 Billion on Upgrading Archaic Infrastructure, Missing Opportunity for Microgrid Investment 

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18th Jan, 2024, United Kingdom 




An evidence session tomorrow, Weds 17th Jan, before the Net Zero Commons Committee, titled ‘A Flexible Grid for the Future’, is poised to bring to light critical decisions impacting the future of the UK’s energy infrastructure. 

In evidence to the committee, Nick Rosen, a prominent off-grid expert, author, and documentary filmmaker, has raised significant concerns about the current direction of energy investments in the UK, along with the plan by Scottish Power to invest £5 Billion in upgrading existing infrastructure. 


Key Points: 

  • Committee Meeting: The Commons Committee ‘A Flexible Grid for the Future’ is set to convene this Wednesday at 10 am to quiz the head of Scottish Power on the renewal and expansion of the UK’s energy grid. 
  • Costly Energy Loss: As highlighted by Nick Rosen in his evidence to the committee, the UK is already incurring approximately £2 billion annually in energy losses. This staggering figure underlines inefficiencies in the current grid system. 
  • Scottish Power’s Plan: Ahead of this crucial meeting, Scottish Power has announced plans to invest a colossal £5 billion in upgrading outdated cable systems, a move that Rosen criticises as short-sighted. 
  • Pylon Controversy: Amidst these developments, there has been a noticeable absence of discussion regarding the build-out of more pylons.

The budget is almost £2b for Scotland alone and is considered by many as a blight on the countryside. 

  • Missed Opportunity for Microgrids: Rosen emphasizes that this scenario represents a squandered chance to pivot towards a more sustainable and future-proof approach. By focusing on localized microgrids, the UK could avoid the pitfalls of upgrading an archaic system and recover the billions lost due to energy inefficiencies. 

Nick Rosen, known for his extensive work and publications on off-grid living and sustainable energy solutions, has submitted his evidence to the Commons Committee. He stresses the urgency for a paradigm shift in how we perceive and invest in our energy infrastructure. 


Availability for Comment and Interviews: 

Nick Rosen is available for comments or interviews to discuss this pressing issue further. His expertise and insight into sustainable energy solutions, particularly in the realm of microgrids, could provide valuable perspectives in the wake of the upcoming committee meeting. 


Contact Information: 


07971 543703 


About Nick Rosen: 

Nick Rosen is an acclaimed off-grid expert, author, and documentary filmmaker. His work focuses on promoting sustainable living and energy independence, as reflected in his widely read books and documentaries on off-grid living. 


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Cabin Porn Maintains Allure – Book Review

Books, articles and TV shows about beautifully-styled off-grid cabins ,continue to attract large audiences, showing our love affair with off-grid escapism continues and is even intensifying.

Off The Grid – Houses for Escape even has that escapist word in the title – and is selling well as a result. Wallpaper magazine calls it “a richly illustrated chronicle of new residential design in far-flung locations across North America.” Emphasis on “Richly.”

The “author, “Dominic Bradbury glosses over the stories of how innovative architects fleeced their clients to make everyday living in the most wild and remote locations of the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia not only expensive, but also a self-sustaining status symbol – something to crow about in terms of energy, water, and in some cases location.

From snowbound cabins in the far Northern Hemisphere to coastal retreats that can only be accessed by boat, this fully illustrated overview explains the diverse ways in which architects are tackling extreme climates, remoteness, and sustainability challenges to enable a new way of life that is both liberating and responsible, wherever on Earth you happen to be.

It is expensive for what it is a – featuring just 42 elite and priviledged homes across the USA and the world. Contemporary projects, designed by foreign firms as well as North American architects from across the continent. Divided into three broad categories (Countryside & Forest, Waterside & Coast, and Hillside & Mountain), viewThe only real unifying factor is location; these are houses without access to traditional services or facilities, and are said to have a special and intense relationship with their surroundings.

Although you would be forgiven to think that many of them turn their back on the surroundings and simply serv to inflate the ego of the architects, the likes of Brillhart or Cohesion studio,, whose creation could have appeared literally anywhere in the US, but happens to be in the iconic Joshia Tree area – where passing LA journalists  might choose to puff the firm up a little.

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