May 31, 2023


Biden turns away from community-owned energy

Biden turns away to Build back better signA new video from the US Department of Electricity has confirmed the Biden Administration is committed to keeping the existing Utility companies in business with huge subsidies.

The Inflation Reduction Act is trying to cement the present power structure in place – with large companies and the government owning and operating 90% of the country’s electricity supply, according to the new video. (Story continues after the video..)

But out in the real world huge numbers of food plants, server farms and community groups are doing their own thing. And in many cases they are unable to connect to the grid . There is a long waiting list in the USA, and in most countries – up to 10 years in some cases.

Meanwhile, people want to reduce their energy bills now, and control their own power supply. The best way is to keep a small foothold on the grid, and provide most of your energy locally.

These “microgrids” can and should trade directly with each other outside of the wider grid.

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