July 29, 2019

10 Best Solar-Powered Colleges In The US

Solar energy is the fastest growing green energy source. It takes care of the environment, bestows energy independence, and os a cost-effective solution. Below is a list of the top colleges in the US that use green energy.

The University of Arizona

This university has the most significant solar power installation. It produces 28 000 kW of electricity. Moreover, it supports research studies that discover the methods of generating green power more efficiently.

Drexel University

This university is doing it’s best to support and develop green energy consumption. To power their facilities, they purchase electricity from companies only that produce it by using solar panels or wind turbines. The university helps its learners, workers, and alumni to
power their houses with green energy through discounts from a solar firm.

Rutgers University

This college has the most significant solar panel installation in New Jersey among colleges.
They generate more than 10% of the total campus energy consumption. Also, it helps to save more than $200 000 yearly. Due to a lack of free space, they installed solar panels in the parking lots. Additionally, this solution brings shadow for cars.

Butte College

It is the first university in the US that covers 100% of its need in power by green energy. The educational institution supports green power studies and hosts yearly events that are aimed to promote green energy. If you want to write an academic paper about solar energy but
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Northwestern University

The college is known for its strong student-led association that wants to change the world. In 2011, its learners launched a solar panel installation project that helps to produce 20 mW per year.

Colorado State University

It has a huge solar panel base that generates more than 1000 kW in a day. It helps to cover 30% of the university’s electricity consumption. The university allows students to learn green power appliances maintenance and output analysis by using the university’s facilities.

California State University Fullerton

This university installed its first solar panel in 2010. After evaluating all the benefits and utility
savings, the college installed two more assets of solar panels. For now, they produce 1 600 kW
of electricity and save $9 million a year. They’re planning to install new solar panel systems to
generate 3 300 kW of power.

Princeton University

The college has the most significant single solar panel base. It helps to cover 14% of the university’s electricity demand. The college publishes detailed reports on their energy consumption. The produced energy is enough to provide enough electricity for 10 000 laptops on a sunny day.

Arizona Western College

This university tried using every type of solar panels and covers 100% of their daytime need in electricity. The college supports students’ studies and researchers on green energy. Moreover,they provide …

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