June 28, 2019


Extinction Rebellion founder says we must topple the political elites

The driving force behind Extinction Rebellion has said the group will shortly announce a co-ordinated global action in 40 countries.
“There is going to be a rebellion in America this Autumn,” Roger Hallam told us in an extended video interview from his new office in London, where he started work less than a week ago.

Hallam, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, gave a one-hour interview explaining why XR was launched, talking about his own background and how XR will achieve its goal of zero carbon in ten years.
“As far as I’m concerned, the political class has to be removed from power,” he said as he sipped water and joked about the impact XR is having on the nations’ leaders. “At least they think they have to co-opt us,” he said.
“From the get-go you knew we were onto some major political explosion. Now we’re on the cusp. On Monday or Tuesday the UK is going to declare a rebellion episode…against the British government.”

The new rebellion will be another series of stoppages across major towns and cities. “We’re looking at broadly repeating what we did in April, but on a far bigger scale. This is big. This isn’t some XR hippie routine.”

Hallam said he already had support from Trade Unions, Gay groups, Christians and many other Eco-organisations and others.

Extinction Rebellion is well on the way to becoming a global phenomenon, now in 40 countries and expanding every day. Millions are pouring into their coffers, including from the band Radiohead and from tech millionaires as well as thousands of small contributions. Next week the central steering group will begin dispersing that money to the local groups worldwide. Living off-grid, and campaigning for others to do so, is just one way to make your contribution to the future security of the planet. Another way is to join the XR actions in your local area. In a long interview with Nick Rosen, editor of Off-Grid.net Hallam declared “the political class are gonna do everything apart from anything. As far as I am concerned they have to be removed from power.”

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