August 20, 2017


Eclipse Monday

I suspect that unless you are living under a really big rock, you know about the solar eclipse that will be happening on Monday. It’s been all the rage on Facebook and other social media, actually giving us a welcome reprieve from all the other social garbage that has been floating around the last few weeks.

There have been a glut of “eclipse glasses” being sold all over the internet, I’ve been hearing warnings about some of them being fake and could potentially allow damage to your eyes if you use them to look at the sun, even during the eclipse. I’ve also been reading the obligatory “Where will you be during the eclipse?” posts, well for me, I’ll not be looking at the sun, not with special glasses or anything else.

I’ll not be where the total eclipse will be happening, I will also be working tomorrow, if everything lines up correctly (pun not intended), I’ll be on the road, leaving Presidio Texas heading toward Marfa Texas when the sky will go dim. I will have my camera and hope to snag some interesting photos if anything picture worthy presents itself to me.

Perhaps I’ll even make an impromptu pinhole projector and see what I can see. Sooooo, what are you going to be doing tomorrow assuming you live where the eclipse is going to fall?






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