February 17, 2017


Crazy things Scott Pruitt said

The new head of the EPA has vowed to dismantle US environmental protections. No suprises there, given his previous record.

Once he has laid waste to the environment, here are some indicators about what he might try to ruin next


“Parents should be notified when women seek an abortion” (The Oklamhoman 18 June 2002)
“Physicians who perform an abortion without parental consent should be liable for cost of subsequent medical treatment” (Ditto)

“women seeking abortions to have an ultrasound image placed in front of them while they are having the abortion” Associated Press Newswires, 26 March 2013,


“Its necessary and urgent to defend Oklahoma’s Constitution against a federal government and president that have gone too far in their overreach of power and authority.” (Reuters 7 Jan 2011)


“Action by the EPA inappropriately usurps the state’s authority to dictate our own energy and environmental policies.The appropriate stakeholders to address Oklahoma’s energy and environmental needs are Oklahoma’s citizens, energy producers, industry consumers and policymakers.”

McClatchy-Tribune Regional News – 8 March 2011


“We may may probe Google’s dominance” (he didn’t)

Bloomberg 25 June 2011


“Feds should pay Oklahoma’s cost of incarcerating illegal immigrants” The Daily Oklahoman (MCT), 30 July 2011,


“This law would have significant and destructive impacts

SNL Daily Gas Report 18 December 2012

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Trail Cameras for Hunters or Animal Lovers

Whether you are an avid hunter or just love watching animals behaving normally in their natural habitat, you will want to read this.

A trail camera is a relatively low cost way to improve the efficiency of hunting as well as being the only way you can watch animals in their every day situations without disturbing them by your presence.

Trail cameras have huge possibilities for hunters. You can carry out a survey of the animal population in your chosen location, study the habits of your prey and even catch poachers and trespassers who have no right to be in the area. This last benefit is also one for animal lovers and vegans who wish to protect their local fauna from invasive hunting.

One thing to worry about is your beautiful new camera being stolen by other humans – whether they be hunters or just ramblers. That is why camouflage is an important consideration.
At around $150, one of the best buys is the Bushnell Trophy Cam Aggressor No Glow with Xtra Camo. As well as having excellent battery life and great night vision, it is also extremely hard to spot (other than when it actually goes off and uses the built in flash).

Choosing the best camera for your needs though leads you to consider the correct criteria. Features that matter most include portability, image resolution, night vision and storage space. To guide you in selecting the best option, have a look at this buyers’ guide .

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