October 7, 2016

Off-Grid underground Hobbit house

Kristie Wolfe is no slouch when it comes to building unusual homes, she goes in with ideas put to pen and paper and begins to build her dream. This time she is building a Hobbit style village on some acreage in rural Washington. Being off-grid is as much something desired as it is necessary, it’s cost prohibitive to put in electric service, or any other commercial city type service out there.

She built into a hillside, taking advantage of the earth as a natural insulation against the heat and the cold. I’m not sure I would enjoy the layout of the first Hobbit home she built, putting the front door in the bedroom. It does make for some nice views, I prefer my bedroom area to be more private myself… The “fireplace” is not real either, it’s a facade created around a propane heater, I certainly don’t mind propane, I use it myself, but I’d like to see a real fireplace with a real chimney so that wood could be burned in it if you wanted.

Other than those two things, I love the Hobbit home she build, I can’t wait to see the next one. Here is a video tour of the home, enjoy!


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