April 5, 2016


Mobile homeless


I write quite a bit about tiny homes, both on and off wheels, many choose to live this lifestyle in tiny accommodations, some of the fortunate ones have property to plant their tiny homes, others rely on their friends or family to park their homes.

Unfortunately there are those who are living this way against their will, living in their cars, living in vans and campers, often it’s financial reasons, loss of a job, health issues, divorce or other life altering conditions.

This video shows a few families and singles who are one step away from living on the streets, I say one step away because at least they have a vehicle or camper to live in, they truly aren’t ON THE STREETS, yet.

Even though the video is a bit dated, it still illustrates what can happen to any of us, many of us are just one paycheck away from being on the streets, even those who have good jobs, it can happen in a heartbeat.


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