May 3, 2015


Do what you love, love what you do…


I love my life, it wasn’t always that way though, I used to live like most people in the middle-lower echelons of working and living, I did pretty well, but worked ALL the time for not very good wages, in fact I worked 2 jobs most of the time, and on rare occasions, I worked 3 jobs. I did all of this just to keep myself in a mediocre apartment, driving a mediocre vehicle. I didn’t hate my jobs, I was thankful to have them, but I wasn’t going anywhere and had little prospects.

So what changed? My life, it was time to make a change, to give up everything I had, my home, my jobs, my location, I traded it all in for 5.75 acres of high desert, unimproved, raw property on the side of a mountain. We moved some 500 miles away from everything we knew, including family and friends to make a fresh start. PB built a small box on stilts, it was 16×16, that was our new home, with a few solar panels, no running water, no flush toilet or shower, we did have heat, which was a good thing since it was about 14 degrees F on our first night.

One of the reasons we are able to live like we do is because everything is paid for, we have few bills and those are tiny bills, we live well below the poverty level, but we live very well considering. It’s been 8 years now, we have a bit more of a house around us, the Sky Castle, our bills are still few and small, absolutely no credit cards or loans, no debt.

Last year I started working a job as a merchandiser, I had done it for 10 years at a big box electronics store, but never dreamed I’d be able to do that kind of work again out here in far west Texas. Turns out that there are merchandising companies, some are rather large, servicing many large companies nation wide, I absolutely LOVE doing this work, it’s hard work sometimes, but often it’s pretty easy, I do come home with bruises and exhausted from long days and a LOT of driving around, but it’s the kind of work I love doing and feel so very fortunate to get to do it again.

I wondered how these stores could afford to pay what they must pay to have us come in and work, especially when their own employees often make minimum wage or just a bit more, I finally came to the conclusion that even though they pay US more, they don’t have to pay the other expenses involved in having employees, from insurance, to liability, unemployment and such, it’s really a bargain for them, they pay us to come in and do specific jobs, we are able to do the work with little …

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