April 19, 2015


I finally got it!


Actually got it last week, it was sent out a month ago from the UK, it arrived in Chicago and took a long rest, must have been very tired from flying over the ocean ;). I was starting to worry that it just vanished, more likely it fell on the floor behind some desk and someone found it later and sent it on its way.

So what is this? I’m very excited, it’s a Battery Extra battery desulfator, but not just any desulfator, this is designed specifically for off-grid users. This works on the larger battery banks that off-gridders typically have, many desulfators work best on single batteries, they aren’t designed to work on multiple batteries. Sakura Batteries UK company designed this 2nd generation desulfator to work on deep cycle lead acid batteries that are connected together in bank, the one I received is the “EX02 12-48-400“, this work for 12-48 volts up to 1500 Ah, there is one above this unit, it will handle up to 120 volts and 3000 Ah.

Here is what they have to say about this unit:

For the first time a single unit battery desulfator specifically designed to maintain, recover and keep large battery packs in top condition whilst still maintaining the ability to work on smaller battery packs. Generally battery packs in the 12 to 48 volt range, over 500Ah are found in fork lift trucks, medium size off-grid solar systems and power back up systems. Dual power settings allow you to set the Battery Extra EX02 for battery packs up to 500 Ah, or for packs from 500+Ah up to 1,500 Ah. A thermostatically controlled, built in, cooling fan helps dissipate the heat created, when used with 24 volt or higher voltages. The EX02 Battery desulfator also gives an indication of battery internal resistance.

Off-Grid solar system battery packs are particularly susceptible to battery sulfation. Lead acid batteries should always be fully charged before use and with solar batteries this not always possible.

– Quad voltage 12, 24, 36 and 48 volt
– Automatic voltage detection
– Dual power settings 200 and 400 mA
– Battery voltage indicator
– No mains power required
– Works during both charge and discharge cycle
– Aluminum case
– Settable low voltage cut off
– Internal cooling fan
– Short circuit protection built in
– EMC tested to EU standards
– CE compliance tested
– Works on all types of lead acid batteries
– Easy installation via ring connectors.

Noticeable results may be seen after the first use, but in most cases the full benefits of using the Battery Extra will take longer, which is why we offer a 60 day risk free trial. If within 60 days, you are not impressed with the results, we’ll refund your money in full – no questions asked. Try the Battery Extra today.


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