February 11, 2015


49 Raw Food Recipes

rawfood_hat50 Raw Food Recipes
Audrey & Matt

You may:
– already be following a raw food diet (100% or less)
– know about raw food and want to learn more about how to prepare certain dishes
– be completely new to it

Regardless, this post will get you through 50 delicious raw food recipes as they should be eaten, leading you to a life where you:
can eat tasty meals everyday without putting on weight.
can have deserts that don’t make your insulin spike in your blood stream.
can enjoy creamy dishes even if you’re lactose intolerant.
can still eat ‘pasta’ and be gluten-free!

Processed and junk food are too easily available and marketed outrageously, it is difficult to
follow the path of health. That’s why we want to share our passion for healthy and real food
with you and make you aware of the infinite possibilities that the raw food diet allows.

In the raw food diet you will find only:
– vegetables
– fruits
– nuts and seeds
– seaweed

In the raw food diet you are avoiding all the “bad foods” which are unhealthy for you:
– dairy
– gluten
– animal products
– refined and processed food

When eating or juicing raw food you will need to choose organic food as often as you can in
order to eliminate:
– pesticides,
– herbicides,
– synthetic fertilizers etc
These chemicals are harmful to your health. And you wouldn’t want it anymore once you
realize that organic products may be tastier and more nutritious.

With the raw food diet, you are making the most of the “good foods” by not heating above
115degrees. In fact, you are dehydrating instead of cooking the food. Why is cooking above
115degrees bad? Several reasons:

– It destroys enzymes. Enzymes are essentials molecules in the digestion process and
the absorption of food nutrients
– It changes the molecular structure of the food. The food then becomes
unrecognizable by the body which triggers a defensive reaction by sending white
blood cells for protection
– It destroys the nutrients of the food

By cooking the food above 115 degrees, you are making your food “dead”, i.e.: without
enzymes or nutrients.

The satiety feeling we have is caused by the body’s demand to have enough nutrients to
function for a certain period of time. With food deprived of nutrients and enzymes, your
body will keep on telling you to eat until it feels it gets what it asks for. Your tendency is to
eat more that you should really be eating.

Raw food is the ultimate diet for achieving and maintaining good health and ideal weight, a
great well-being and staying young so go ahead and immerse yourself in the kitchen with all
the recipes you are about to try!


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