January 20, 2015


Vince’s not so tiny home

My not-so-tiny house
Vince took a page from LaMar Alexander’s book and videos and built his own semi-small house, by most standards this is a small home,  measuring in at: 640 sq ft, 2 floors 16X16, attic 8X16 at a total cost of around $3500. His property, 7 acres was $5500, he was able to pay that off over the winter and spent the following summer saving his money to put into building his cabin. Much like we did, he was able to find sources of free materials. With the help of his family and friends he was able to get his cabin in the dry in about 2 months, he still has the inside and finish work to do, but I’d say he has done a very good job and will have a wonderful and debt free place to live when it’s completed.
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