November 27, 2013


First time was because of fire, this time it was the ice…


I just spent 3 days in my neighborhood, AND the 3 surrounding towns without power. Well, WE had power, our little sky castle, but everyone else (of those on grid power) were without power. On Sunday afternoon, we were in our second or third day of freezing fog and drizzle, most people had gone into town and stocked up on supplies, mostly food and water type stuff. I was at the grocery store myself to stock up on supplies for the week because of family coming out for the week of Thanksgiving.

I was somewhat surprised at the number of people in the store the week before Thanksgiving, I expected to see it that busy later on in the week, then I remembered we were in for a few days of freezing weather, fog and sleet. I noticed several shelves that were cleaned out, fully cleaned out of whatever had been there, it made me think of the way people will clear out a store when things are going wrong.

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