November 1, 2013

co-generation gives resilience, energy security

USA Today showcases microgrids

The United States is by far the world’s leader on microgrids. The nation now accounts for nearly two-thirds, or 62%, of global microgrid capacity that’s either planned or operational. The number of microgrids worldwide has increased from about 400 early last year to about 600 now, nearly half of which are in the U.S.

In a major feature USA Today puts the boot into Utility company failure to keep the lights on. Hurricane Sandy, along with other recent extreme weather events, “exposed the growing unreliability of the nation’s aging and “Balkanized” power grid,” said the paper.

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Floating house designs

Introducing Aquatecture

A new architectural movement is leading to fresh opportunities for off-grid living – close to the rivers and seas that carry so much of our food. We will be following it closely on this web site.

Instead of bringing the water to our homes, why not bring our homes to the water? Especially at a time when rising sea levels threaten the flooding of some of the world’s greatest cities?

Aquatecture is a fundamentally new reappraisal of how we co-exist with the sea and rivers. Leading exponents include Baca Architects, London. Their first domestic project went on site last month.

The Netherlands, which The Washington Post sees as “the world’s premier lab for how to tame rivers and seas,” is also at the forefront of building “amphibious houses,” which are designed to adapt and respond to rising sea levels.

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