October 26, 2013


The Pantry Primer: Stocking your supply of fruits and vegetables

The Pantry Primer

A major challenge when living from your stockpiled foods is getting enough fruits and vegetables.  Without produce, your family can be at risk for nutritional deficiency diseases like scurvy and their immune systems will be compromised.  A minimum of 5 servings per day is recommended, but during the long winter, how can you meet that goal with the contents of your pantry?

Supplying your family with produce that will provide the necessary nutrients that their bodies need to thrive is a twofold process.  Not only should you preserve the summer’s bounty for the winter ahead, but you should also come up with ways to add fresh greens outside of the growing season.

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Net Zero Consulting service

As the world slowly wakes up to the importance of off-grid living, our knowledge is becoming valuable, or should that be invaluable?

When a nation as advanced as Japan shuts down its nuclear reactors and starts going off the grid a house at a time, you know the rest of the world will follow, eventually.

So Off-Grid.Net is opening a Net-Zero consultancy service to offer individuals, architects and businesses access to the huge range of skills and resources within our community.

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