August 15, 2013


Energy from neighbors, not utilities

A new study reported by Northwest Public Radio has found a growing trend for small wind turbines in the USA. These are mostly single turbines in people’s backyards, on farms, or supplementing power for businesses.

Meanwhile in China, Xinhua reported yesterday that the government is forcing power companies to provide consultancy and acceptance for individuals setting up small wind turbines and help connect them to the grid.

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Ed Begley Jr. Inks Eco-Home Series

Ed Begley Jr. signed $17 million pact with startup Evox Television to produce and star in an Internet-only series documenting his quest to build the greenest house in North America.

“On Begley Street” follows Begley and wife Rachelle Carson-Begley (pictured, above) with their teenage daughter Hayden on their quest to erect a 3,800-sq.-ft. house in Studio City, Calif., that will be fully off the grid with a 10,000-kilowatt solar-powered electrical system, rainwater-collection tank and gray-water recycling system.

“This show is about efficiency and saving money, and getting with the program in 2013,” said Ed Begley Jr.

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