August 6, 2013

Ian Somerhalder audi

Ian Somerhalder, Audi and Airstream

Actor Ian Somerhalder is planning to live off the grid this summer after aquiring a new mobile home. His tweets suggest in his desire to be close to nature Somerhalder may have struck a cross-marketing deal with Audi and Airstream – neither of them known for their eco-friendliness.
The Vampire Diaries hunk, who split from his Tvco-star Nina Dobrev has been telling the media he is throwing himself into his environmental work. But earier this year he shared a picture of his new hybrid ride and added the caption:
“My new baby ,my @Audi Q5 Hybrid. She’s waiting for me on the show room floor-going to pull my Airstream and get me into the woods!

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Growing vegetables in a tiny space

Growing vegetables in a small space, like a roof-terrace or a backyard has different rules and skills (and work-rate) compared to a larger piece of land. Firstly – expect a lower amount of produce. That said, it still amazes folks how much you can get out of a tiny space.
Some people mix edibles with ornamentals, that might seem the permaculture way, but there are advantages to keeping them separate — like its easier, and you can be more focused while looking good too.

Depending on how much space you have, build between one and three raised beds. These measure approximately 90cm by 120cm. Pretty much any receptacle that will drain freely and hold compost will work. There are plenty of books to help you along – here is one example.

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