July 2, 2013

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Get your retirement home before you retire, first buy the land

Why should we wait till we are old and inform to enjoy the best that life has to offer? We put up with the indignities of life in the City while we work and then if we are lucky, spend our declining years somewhere warm or beautiful or both.

It doesn’t have to be that way. By embracing the off-grid lifestyle, you could be ready for retirement by the time you are 25. You then get to enjoy this lovely place for an extra 40 years, at no extra cost – possibly at a lower cost.

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Bringing power to Africa – at a cost to the planet

President Obama is in Africa – promising countries billions of dollars to help the continent’s economies grow. But the way that the tax dollars will be spent is highly questionable.

The main motive in providing the aid is the growth of Chinese activity on the African continent. China is buying up arable land to feed its own people, and building roads, running farms, and building entire cities as a by-product. As it spends more, China’s influence grows in the region.

So now the USA is playing catchup, and Obama’s speeches suggest US aid will focus in on the continent’s energy shortage. This is not entirely a good thing.

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