June 30, 2013


When prepping just isn’t enough


There’s a sense of urgency in the prepping community lately that is at an all time high.  Between the global elite warmongers, the impending financial collapse as the government makes plans to attach pension funds, the new viruses, Monsanto’s GMO seeds running amok and threatening the world’s food supply, and  Big Food’s toxic food-like substances in the grocery stores with no regard for actual nutrition, it is clear that we are going downhill fast. The soothing ”everything-is-just-fine” propaganda is so blatant that even the most die-hard zombie is beginning to see that something is amiss and that a massive change is soon to take place.

Many of us have stocked our homes to the rafters with beans, rice, bullets, and band-aids.  Each trip to the store adds more to our stockpiles as we try to get what we need before time runs out.  Newbie preppers are feeling even more frantic, wondering how to prepare when each week it takes more money to put less in the grocery cart. (If you’re new to preparedness, here’s a little primer with some great links.)

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Food storage ideas…

Preppers are always trying to get everyone else to at least begin stocking up on some short and long term food storage, honestly the biggest reason is because the more of you who prep, the fewer of you we have to worry about showing up on our doorsteps if/when the SHTF… of course we ALL hope that none of this is ever needed, I wouldn’t be a bit upset if 20, 30, or more years from now I get a big “I told you so…” from those who never prep… but the reality is, it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

So with that said, here are a few videos showing the sorts of things that are relatively inexpensive and easy to stock up on. Things like protein, it’s something we all need in our diet, the good thing about these sources of protein is they don’t require refrigeration and most of them are relatively easy to open, they have pop-tabs or come in pouches that don’t require anything but your fingers to open.

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