June 28, 2013

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Movie The East – interview with Director

Web site Female First captured an interview with Zal Batmanglij Director’s of The East (being released in the UK this week).

The East is about a young woman who works for a private intelligence firm. She is conservative and religious and she remakes herself as the exact opposite in a bid to infiltrate a group of anarchists who are committing direct actions against corporations, is how Zal sums up the plot.

– You wrote and directed – so where did the idea for the film start?

I co-wrote it with the leading lady Brit Marling and for us it started with the idea that we were seeing a lot of generational frustrations. I think our generation felt frustrated in a way that was that was unique and palpable and we wanted to capture that.

We thought the idea of a person from the corporate space and people from living off the grid that naturally comprised two extremes of the generation.

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Patent Application submitted for off-grid Water Condenser

Canadian firm Freedom Water Company Ltd. combine caqre for humanity with technical skill in this patent application submitted for Approval. Here is an exerpt from their document:

“At any given moment the earth’s atmosphere contains 326 million cubic miles of water and of this, 97% is saltwater and only 3% is fresh water. Of the 3% that is fresh water, 70% is frozen in Antarctica and of the remaining 30% only 0.7% is found in liquid form. Atmospheric air contains 0.16% of this 0.7% or 4,000 cubic miles of water which is 8 times the amount of water found in all the rivers of the world. Of the remaining 0.7%, 0.16% is found in the atmosphere; 0.8% is found in soil moisture; 1.4% is found in lakes; and 97.5% is found in groundwater.

“Nature maintains this ratio by accelerating or retarding the rates of evaporation and condensation, irrespective of the activities of man. Such evaporation and condensation is the means of regenerating wholesome water for all forms of life on earth.

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Gold tumbles again

The price of gold has tumbled to less than $1,200 (£787) an ounce yesterday, its lowest point in nearly three years, and continues to head towards $1000 as concerns over the US Federal Reserve’s plans to rein in financial stimulus continue to unnerve markets.

After dropping to $1,180 late on Thursday, the yellow metal made a small rebound on Friday morning to $1,202, but not enough to stem expectations that prices will continue to weaken. This web site forecast months ago that the gold price would collapse to below $1000. We faced fierce criticism at the time, but economists like Nouriel Roubini have since stated they also make the same forecast.

Long seen as a safe haven by preppers, the fall in gold does not mean that the risk of a systemic collapse is also thought to have receded. It is as much to do with declining liquidity in China.

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Buy shares in Fuel Cell company

SFC Energy AG (ETR:F3C), Germany”s 9th largest energy company by market capitalisation, extended its slide Thursday, shedding an additional 5.40c (or 1.2%) to close at EUR4.46.

The company makes “smart” fuel cells and specialises in the off-grid market. The shares have plummeted EUR1.01 (or 18.5%) over the past seven trading days, due to declining profit margins.

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