June 14, 2013

Ted Turner goes off-grid

Ted Turner’s hunting and fishing resort, Vermejo Park Ranch, has installed a new $1 million solar system that will take the lodge off the power grid.

Turner, the 239th richest man in the US with a fortune of $2bn bought the 578,000 acre ranch in New Mexico in 1996. It stretches into Colorado and reportedly is one of the largest privately owned ranches in the country.

In 2007 Turner partnered with New Jersey-based Dome Tech Solar to create DT Solar, a renewable energy company focusing on solar power.

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Kings of Summer

kings of summerMarketed as the next Superbad, this movie is more simply the next summer classic.

Three 15-year-old boys in suburban Ohio stumble on a wooded area not far from home and decide to abide there for the summer, living off the land and off the grid. Their hunter-gatherer lifestyle quickly turns into more shopper-gatherer, or bargain-hunter; and of course the communal wilderness friendship is tested when girls show up.

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