June 11, 2013

A Liter of light

MANILA, Philippines – A hole-in-the-wall establishment in coastal Dumaguete City has a new come-on for its local and foreign tourist-diners, aside from food and brightly colored seats.

“You wanna take a look?” goes Mifune Japanese Restaurant’s teaser on its website. “Feel free to ask our waitresses to have a look in our back kitchen! Picture-taking is allowed. School classes, students, (and) researchers are welcome…. ”

The attraction? Three 1.5-liter plastic soft-drink bottles, filled with water and a little bleach, poke out of the restaurant’s back kitchen roof, illuminating the whole room without using electricity from morning till sundown.

The not-so-secret ingredient: The upper-half part of each plastic bottle juts out above the restaurant’s metal roof and catches sun light; the water’s refractive property then disperses the light 360 degrees inside the restaurant’s back kitchen,

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