June 9, 2013


Solar-powered US Congressman


Despite only being in office for a year, Rep Thomas Massie (R -Ky) is one of the most activist members of Congress. He lives off the grid back in his home State, and defies categorization on the left-right political spectrum.

“My house is solar powered,” he explains. “I tell Republicans, you can hate the subsidies – I hate the subsidies too – but you can’t hate solar panels. These are rocks that make electricity, so they are incapable of receiving your hate.” Representing Kentucky’s 4th district, which runs from the northern tip of the state from Ashland west past Covington, Massie holds a B.A. and an M.A. in engineering rom MIT, founded SensAble Technologies, a computer-modeling company based in Massachusetts, and served as county executive for Lewis County, Kentucky. A member of House committees on Oversight and Government Reform, Transportation and Infrastructure, and Science, Space, and Technology, he personally built his old, off-the-grid Kentucky home (even planing the trees that become its timber) and has decked it out with solar panels and off-the-grid energy sources.

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A Peek into an Organic Prepper’s Pantry


Having extra food put aside is something I have talked about quite a lot here, it’s a very important insurance policy for you and your family. Most lists and suggestions for what foods to store tend to be less than nutritious, of course having that is better than nothing. Here are ways to have some more nutritious foods in your pantry and in your stockpile of foods.

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