January 9, 2013


Death by Grid

It should be called the Dumb Grid.

Remember the General Electric TV advertisement from the 2009 SuperBowl? It showed a scarecrow dancing from line to line on Power Towers without getting scorched? Don’t try it at home. This guy did.

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Keeping healthy in winter

Staying healthy, especially during the winter is one of the things I actively work on. I believe one of the reasons so many more get sick during the cold months is because we tend to stay indoors more and have less fresh air coming in because it’s too cold to raise windows. We cram ourselves inside the house, inside stores and are around more people. The more people you are around, the more likely you are to be exposed to someone who is sick. I am not exposed to very many people as a rule, just because of the way I live in a low population area. The main exposure I have is going to church and being a caretaker for a friend, it means I sometimes have to take her to doctor appointments, I do my best not to go into the doctor offices, clinics or hospitals, but sometimes I have to. So I work hard to keep my exposure to a minimum and to keep my immune system in tip top shape.

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Do you work for a Zombie Company?

The slow-walking mindless undead of many a horror film may figure in our nightmares, but increasingly we experience the zombie walk in our working lives as well. Maybe you are one of the millions working in businesses that have accrued so much debt since the recession began, that they have little prospect of ever being able to repay it.

The directors of these businesses, and their employees, continue working each day with no end to the misery in sight – thanks to government help, ultra-loose monetary policy and, often, the reluctance of lenders to write down bad loans since the crisis.

The belief is spreading that these firms – which spend their cash servicing interest payments are unable to invest in new equipment or future growth areas – are to blame for the weak recovery,

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Microsoft off-grid cloud computing system

The giant software company has worked out a way to deliver cheap high-speed Internet to remote locations where there are no power or phone lines. Their new patent application transforms the options for people who are doing long-term planning about where to live or work, if they need to tap into the Internet for any reason such as health, or client communication, or just entertainment.

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