December 28, 2012


Daily Mail story about off-grid Emma

Currently the top story on the Daily Mail web site is a plug for off-grid living, featuring Emma Orbach who first came to prominence when she was described in my British book How to Live Off-Grid. The book is about my trip around the UK meeting off-grid dwellers, and the time I spent with Emma at Brith Dir Mawr in Wales is one of the most inspiring sections. She was lucky enough to be part of a group that bought a huge fertile piece of land and moved on in 1995, before the backlash against this way of living. you can see film of Emma and many other off-gridders at my YouTube channel.

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Off-Grid 101

Best way to cut Glass Bottles.

Glass bottles are a great building material – strong, long-lasting and beautiful if handled correctly. They can be used for hundreds of things, from decoration and food storage to UV water treatments and windows.

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