December 19, 2012

A million solar homes in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries on earth, a renewable energy company is busy installing nearly 1,000 solar home systems each day.

In November 2012 Grameen Shakti hit 1 Million Solar Home Systems (SHS) installed. The company’s milestone reinforces a lesson that is increasingly clear. Whether it’s Germany, the US, or evenChina distributed solar installations are driving the solar revolution.

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Technology and Unemployment

The average working person struggles while Corporate profits soar. The middle class is being replaced by automation.

We underestimate the impact of automation. This video observes how, as the economic crisis deepens, competition gets tougher.

This is forcing business to automate more which in turn lays people off, reducing purchasing power and fuelling the crisis further. This self destructive trend has a limit where the system stops, and we may be close to that limit.

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