December 15, 2012

The Truth about Dishonesty

One of the world’s leading experts on human motivation and behavior explains the result of a huge piece of research into human dishonesty.

With the help of fun and consistently high quality animations from RSA Dan Ariely shows us in this film the eye opening mechanics behind the distorted rationalization of what it is to be honest, and how our economic games encourage us all to become dishonest.

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Residential fuel cells in Japan

TOKYO 14 Dec (Nikkei)–JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corp. will create a new electricity supply system that does not rely on conventional electric utilities, aiming for commercialization by fiscal 2014, The Nikkei has reported.

Japan’s largest oil wholesaler plans to install rooftop solar panels and gas-powered fuel cells to supply electricity to condominium units. The system is estimated to provide 80-90% of the electricity the units need.

The rest will be supplied by JX Nippon Oil subsidiary Kawasaki Natural Gas Generation Co., which has a generating capacity of 847,000kw and produces high-voltage electricity for corporate users. Electricity generated by the subsidiary will be sold to households for 5-10% less than major power companies charge, with JX Nippon Oil acting as a seller or PPS (power producer and supplier).

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