July 11, 2012

Water Powered Charger

Time was, the phrase ‘water powered’ meant driven by the force of a river or torrent. Lately, it acquired a new resonance with the launch of a pocket-sized charger that needs just a few drops of the stuff to make it work.

The Powertrekk  from Swedish company myFC was launched at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, with the slogan ‘Instant Power Anywhere’.

On the down side, the Powertrekk only works with devices that use a USB, but it has the potential to make being off-grid easier. The company says it needs just a tablespoon of water to work.

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Three Network is best for mobile broadband in UK

For mobile broadband in the UK, Three is the best network. That is the result of a 250-mile comparison test from Broadband Genie – a comparison web site. Off-Grid is seeking partners to carry out a similar comparison in the US (contact news@off-grid.net).

According to the release, Three provides the best mobile broadband experience on the move. Six dongles are taken on a 250 mile round trip by rail from Cambridge to Exeter, pitting them head to head in a series of challenges along the route which saw Three come out on top.

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