June 24, 2012


While you are off the grid who will monitor your messages?

Huffington Post responds to the new trend for cabin porn. And it suggests a new business idea.

The online mag runs with a series of pictures of off-grid havens around the world https://www.huffingtonpost.com/oyster/techfree-havens-the-world_b_1571164.html
where the wired traveller can truly relax because there is just no broadband or phone access at all.

Botswana, Jamaica, St Lucia, Dominican Republic, Maui – ues, but when will we ever have the time or money to go there? Cheaper to pay someone to just take away our phones and computers for a few days and monitor our messages for us in case of a real emergency.

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UK Energy crunch approaching

The British Government is in the pockets of the big energy companies. The UK still has a mountain to climb in terms of funding if it is to secure energy supplies through the end of the decade, according to the head of energy at one of the country’s big accountancy firms.

Three-and-a-half years have passed since British energy regulator Ofgem estimated that £200bn (€248bn) would need to be pumped into the energy sector though 2020 in order to secure supplies and meet carbon targets.

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