October 25, 2010


Excerpt from OFF THE GRID – Inside the Movement….

In this section from “Off the Grid: Inside the Movement for More Space, Less Government, and True Independence in Modern America”, I visit an Amish community in Kentucky. Look forward to hearing your comments:

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In an Emergency, do I head for country or city?

The conventional wisdom is that if the system breaks down for reasons of economic collapse, or some sudden natural disaster, then the best place to be is the countryside, in a rural community with provisions and the means to grow more.

However a few folks on different discussion boards have been questioning that – wondering whether actually the city might be a better bet…..I have opened a discussion about that over in our forum.

Here are two views from the off-grid Facebook page:

Noreene Bailey-Treece says: I am in the country and would prefer to be there (in an Emergency. I have medical training. am used to going without so called vital services. i feel i would fare better at home in the country. As for shelters.. as a parent i would not take my children to one. there is too much risk and danger there for them. ie the superdome in New Orleans.

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