May 23, 2010


On board the Plastiki

Two of the world’s leading environmental campaigners have passed the halfway point on their voyage across the Pacific in a boat made from plastic bottles.

Graham Hill, founder of Treehugger.com and David de Rothschild who runs Adventure Ecology, set off on the journey to draw attention to the phenomenal rate at which plastic turns to waste and the way plastic is choking our oceans.

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Dow’s chemical home – its green, but is it toxic?

Midland 21 May — The Dow Chemical Co. has launched a show-home that it contends will eliminate utility bills, but at what price?

The 3,400-square-foot “Vision Zero” home in Bay City, Mi will produce as much energy as it consumes – using Dow Chemicals products, from Styrofoam to insulate the basement to Powerhouse Solar Shingles to generate solar power on the roof.  But the effect on health has not  been measured by the company.
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