October 30, 2009

Off-Grid 101

My Off-grid plan

Treetop Jen has returned home to the UK, and now she is wondering how to reshape her life.

Aim: to live off-grid in the back of  a minibus, simply parked in a  ‘normal’ town, with a job in the charity sector, still part of  ‘normal’ society.

WHY? Hmmm…where to begin?

Well – like most people, I have spent some of my time in life pondering on the future; imagining how my life may turn out & how I might feel in each of the imagined outcomes.

I also spent (& still spend) time observing my others’ lives around me as they currently are. These two activities left me less & less inclined to live in an ‘ordinary’ house with a mortgage & equally less willing to rent accommodation;

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