December 19, 2008

Green Gifts? Try Freecycle

Exclusive interview with Deron Beal, founder of Freecycle, plus listing of some reccomended Green Gifts

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Simple Solar Homesteading Book Review

Before our big move off the grid, I did a lot of research to learn everything I could about living off-grid. I used the internet as my main source of information. I quickly found a great source of info at LaMar Alexander’s website. In following with my Off-Grid – On The Cheap message, this is a very practical, hands on approach to how to get off the grid without having to spend lots of money.

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UK brown-outs looming

The head of Britain’s National Grid has admitted the company cannot guarantee an uninterrupted energy supply, and blamed the government for this failure. But he has not explained why private power companies or The National Grid are not investing more, especially since its profits were up to GBP 1 billion.

When huge new wind farms are built, it can sometimes take years to connect them to the grid, even if massive pylons are only a few yards away.

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