October 6, 2008

Canned Butter

Did you know that you can CAN butter? The really great thing about this is you don’t have to refrigerate it, even after it has been opened (as long as you use it in a reasonable amount of time). Here is the link to the wonderful blog that has detailed directions, complete with pictures on how to do this, it’s really easy!



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More Q&A

More questions from you and my answers.

anon16-rounded-5661787 Anonymous said…
Your adventure sounds wonderful! I’ve read almost every post in your blog in the last two weeks and that has rekindled my desire to either move to the country OR try mobile homesteading in an RV.
Here are my questions:
Since you’re on such a glorious hillside, did you consider building an earth-sheltered house overlooking the valley?
What was your reasoning in not building an earth-sheltered house similar to the ones at this Link?
Rick Brentlinger


Thanks for your comment & question! In answer, yes, we have thought about building into the hillside, and it’s still an option, the reason we didn’t do it right away was time, it was faster to build the cabin like it is, for the future, it is something we would like to do, but it takes equipment, something we don’t have readily available to us. It could be done by hand, it would take a lot of time, and we have big (huge) rocks to contend with. We will be digging a root cellar for cold storage, hopefully this winter.

I’m glad you have had fun reading my blog, it’s been a joy living it and writing about it.


b16-rounded-4008479 seth said…

Hey Wretha, thanks for Q&A session.
I did have a couple of other questions in regards to Texas. Do vehicles need to have a inspection sticker? What is the sales tax(vary from county to county?) State income tax? Am getting really anxious about all that is going on and looking to get out of here asap. I bought another 5 acres not far from my other property, but this one is paid for in full, so if and when i can bug out of here i can. Thanks, Seth

Thanks for your questions. Yes you do need an inspection sticker for your car in Texas, here is the site for the info: https://www.txdps.state.tx.us/vi/Misc/faq/insp_faq.htm
If you have an older car (I can’t remember if it’s 10 years old or 20 years old) you don’t have to have the smog test, just the safety inspection, it’s cheaper and easier. Sales tax in the DFW area is 8.25%, that is the maximum you will be charged in any city, you might get lucky and find it less. https://www.window.state.tx.us/taxinfo/local/index.html
There is no state tax in Texas. You will pay income tax (of course) and if you own property, you will have property and school tax.

Paid in full, that IS nice isn’t it! I am soooo glad our property is PID, just have to pay the taxes.

I believe that in the state of Texas, you are required to own a minimum of 5 acres in order to have a well AND septic on your property. Just something to keep in mind.


anon16-rounded-5661787 Anonymous said…
Hi Wretha,
Look into Ferro cement. Basically, dig a
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