September 4, 2008


Chicago Foragers

Born to Eat Wild
A foraging session at Red Oak Nature Center in Batavia is a chance to meet the local varieties of garlic-mustard plants as much as other locatarians. Holding the delicate branches with one hand, one member of the group glides her fingers along the seedpods and pushes a bunch of tiny black seeds into her bag, reports Time Out Chicago.

In the spring, the now long-gone leaves can be used to make a mean pesto, it points out. But later in the year, the ground-up seeds will add kick to salad dressings, mayonnaise, even curries.

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Small House Plans

OK, so you have a property, but no home on it, or maybe you have been looking for land, a place away from the city, away from the crowds, but if it already has a home on it, the price skyrockets, you could afford to get land with no home, now what? Assuming your land (or potential land) is located in a place with no or few building codes, you can build your own home, that’s what we did, and we were able to use recycled materials, making the costs minimal. Bob didn’t have a “plan”, though he had a rough idea of what he wanted to end up with. For those with no idea how to start, I have found a couple of small home plans to get you started, these are designed to be low cost and easy to build, you can use new materials, used materials or a combination of each. Here are the links:

This one was printed in ’95 so the prices they list are out of date, but it should still be pretty cost effective to build.
This one is really good, it will cost you only $5.00 for the plans to build this cabin, it’s not too much to ask, and it helps to support the author, LaMar. LaMar lives in this cabin, he lives off-grid full time, he will answer any questions you may have, check it out, there are lots of pictures.
I’ll search out more small house plans and post them here, look for the updates.

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Sarah Palin

I just finished watching Sarah Palin on TV, (yes, I had to go to my neighbor’s house to do it…what do you think we have excess power for things like TV???) Anyhoo, I think she is cute, a powerhouse, and will make one heck of a VP, and the other thing I noticed about her, she reminds me of Peggy Hill! :) Sarah Palin looks like Peggy Hill, and she sounds like Peggy Hill, or should that be Peggy Hill looks and sounds like Sarah Palin? Can’t wait to see her in office.

Peggy Hill for Vice President!


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