August 18, 2008

Pekoe’s Trip To The Vet

Got up early today to take Pekoe to the vet, my friend played taxi service and drove us out there, good thing, I’m still not that familiar with the area and it’s a heck of a drive! We got there late, nearly everything that could happen, did happen… I got over to my friend’s house in plenty of time, she thought the appointment was at 10, (it was really at 10:30), she wasn’t completely ready to go yet, but quickly got that way, when we got into her truck, the gas gauge was on empty, we wouldn’t have made it out to the mailboxes, fortunately I have a key to the country store (we sell fuel there), even though it’s closed on Mondays, we got there, I opened the store, turned on the pumps, pumped the gas into her truck, on the way back in, another truck pulled up, I could hear my friend telling them the store was closed, it was the electric service coming to turn off the power to the store! Somewhere there had been a mistake and they believed the bill hadn’t been paid, I know it had, I called the store owner to let her know what was happening, she wanted to talk to him, I took the cordless phone out to him, I had to leave so I locked the door and asked him to set the phone on the porch when he was through.

We finally got going, we made it to the vet, late, but we made it. I took Pekoe inside, we did some paperwork and got right in. Talk about a countryfied doctor! His granddaughter was there, she was cute as a button! I’d say she was around 5 or 6, and sporting a bright pink cast on her arm, apparently fell off the swings at school… anyhoo, we weighed Pekoe, she weighs in at 6.8 pounds, I have always tried to keep her at or under 5 pounds, but with her age and everything, I think she is doing pretty good, she is NOT a fat dog.

Next we took her into the examination room, once on the table, Pekoe started getting nervous, the vet came in and with the help of his assistant, and me holding Pekoe by the scruff of her neck, she got all of her shots and something that was squirted into her nose (rabies, parvo, and kennel cough), the vet wanted to see her teeth, but Pekoe wouldn’t cooperate, I managed to pull one side of her lip up, but once the vet began to give her the shots, he got a good look at her teeth! She bared all of them. Next came the bloodwork, they needed to draw blood, being a long haired chihuahua, the vet had to shave a spot on her neck, the assistant held Pekoe’s head and neck from …

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The Goldman Sachs eco-system

Millionaires are snapping up billions of acres – entire eco-systems – to feed their ennui – should we be pleased or angry?

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