May 26, 2008


Monetizing with Google

Monetizing, what exactly IS that? It’s a way to make money with your website and/or blog. How does it work? Basically you need a website, I believe you have to own your own domain, not a difficult thing to do, next you need something on your website, it can be anything. Next you need to sign up with Google Adsense, there are other ad sites, but I like Google and have stuck with them. Once you sign up with Google Adsense, it takes a while for them to approve your site, that’s why you need something on your site, Google wants to see what your site is all about. It’s best if you don’t have any other ads running on your website, Google does not like to share.

When they finally approve you, patients, they most likely will, eventually… anyhoo, once you are in, then you can start adding ad units to your site. That’s the fun part, it does take some finesse to add the ads in the best place, you want them visible, but not so much IN YOUR FACE that your visitors leave in disgust, see your webpage like your visitors, go to some other web sites, look at ones that you like, look at the ones that you don’t like, try to figure out how to incorporate what you like into your site, don’t use what you don’t like. It’s not rocket science.

Pick out the ad units you want to use, you can choose the size, number of ads per unit, you can customize the colors to match your site. Google decides what your page is about and delivers relative ads, if your page is about purple dinosaurs, then your ads will be about purple dinosaurs and related things. You can also choose to place other things besides ad units, you can choose:

Adsense for Content
These are the regular (and most popular) ad units you see

Adsense for Search
This adds a search box to your site, you can either have it search your site or the web

This one allow you to choose specific products or groups of products to advertise on your site, again these are tailored to the content on your site

Video Units
This one is fun, you choose YouTube videos to be viewed on your site, little Google ad unit appears within the video box

The fun part of all this is you, the webmaster get paid for each click, most of the time, you get a few cents per click, but sometimes you get lucky and one of the clicks will really pay out! Once you reach $100.00, you get paid, either by check, or by direct deposit into your checking account.

Google Adsense has some rules, these are meant to protect the advertisers, these are the people who are paying you

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US media coverage

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Personal Carbon Trading

Personal Carbon Trading scheme could be the clincher for reducing emissions and engaging people in the battle to save the environment

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